Gotta practice that Spanish!

So, with my primary language being English and my wife’s primary language being Spanish, we have decided to try to incorporate some of that Spanish into our everyday life. I know a little Spanish, but what I’ve learned, I think I learned from her when she’s angry. Either way, one of the first things we’re going to do is try Dish Latino Dos.

What is Dish Latino Dos? It’s an upgrade to the original Dish Latino package. It has a combination of both English and Spanish programming. It has tons of channels in both English and Spanish, from the normal American channels to channels focused completely on Mexican and Spanish culture.  It’s a win/win situation for both of us. She gets to watch what she loves, I get to watch shows that should help me learn Spanish, and I get to keep all of the American channels that I’m accustomed to.

What’s great is that there’s also a very nice introductory rate for the first year for new subscribers. I’ll be picking up Dish Latino Dos for about half the price of my regular cable bill for the first twelve months. Even after those 12 months it’s still cheaper than my current cable bill. I’ve never had a satellite dish, but I’ve heard nothing but good things from my friends.

I’m hoping I can find some awesome shows in Spanish that I can really pay attention to. My wife loves soccer, and so does my brother, I could go either way, I love watching American football but to be honest, I haven’t really given Soccer a chance. I also know that she’ll be able to enjoy her soap operas that she misses so much. I’ll never understand soap operas at all, so there’s no loss there. In fact, I’m glad I work first shift and get to miss all of those weird shows.

Either way, I think it  will be a good investment. We’ve had regular cable for years and the price is through the roof now. It seriously goes up five or six dollars every year without exception. I’ve tried to work out a deal with them, but it’s pretty clear they’ve just accepted that we’re willing to pay a lot more than we need to for the rest of our life. The Dish Network guy should be out here sometime next week to install our new satellite. I seriously can’t wait.